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Experience in security

mcm believes in security as a global access concept. Since 1932 we have worked to provide our cylinders with the highest possible security and the most excellent features. Our state-of-the-art machinery and the experience we have built up over the years has led to the creation of thoroughly reliable top-quality cylinder locks, which together with high service standards and a 24-hour master-key service vouch for the total reliability of our products.

Variety in cylinder locks

mcm offers solutions ranging from simple cut key cylinders to high-security reversible insertion flat key cylinders, oval cylinders or knob cylinders, all part of a wide range to cater for both residential use and public buildings. Drill-proof cylinders, anti-pull out systems, upper and lower pins, copy-proof keys... these and other features are all key factors that are valued by our R+D department on developing our lock cylinders. And today, the evolution goes on.

Master key system

Master key system is the key to convenience, the real means of creating simple, user-friendly mechanical access control. Main entrances, public buildings, companies, schools... mcm cylinders enable immediate control of your facilities, and less keys are needed.

Quality guaranteed

Today, we are proud to say that our cylinders comply with the highest quality standards. UNE-EN 1303 Standard testing and the ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates guarantee our total respect for quality, management processes and the environment.

Made in Spain

mcm is a Spanish firm with long-standing market experience. It is a company true to its origins and social commitments, and so its locks and cylinder ranges are manufactured at our factory in the town of Vitoria in Álava province, Spain.

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