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mcm thinks of you

In 1998, the mcm R+D department began developing new projects connected with electronic lock-based access control systems. In 2002 we launched successfully our first electronic lock models.

Today, mcm has a specific I+D+i department, focused on developing access control systems. We may not be the biggest one, but we are dynamic enough to respond to all the costumers´ needs, being sufficiently imaginative to combine security with stylish design, functional technology and form. mcm constitute a group with total commitment to its customers.

That is why we can offer all-round management systems, whatever kind of installation you need to control: high-turnover hotels, small hotels, residential blocks, offices, businesses... We strong believe that client satisfaction is not a matter of overwhelming him with all our products, but of providing him with the one that really meets his needs.

At mcm we do not just offer products, we listen.

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