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Rim locks

Extra security

mcm rim locks guarantee a second locking point, an additional security element to add to the one already installed on the door.

Simple and functional

Rim locks can be easily fitted to the door and have different functions depending on the lock model: latch only, latch and dead bolt, handle operated, pull-handle operated... rim locks are a simple system for added security.

Master key system

Rim locks are available with two types of cut key cylinder: round or profiled. Both types of cylinder can be master-keyed for improved security. Master key system improves the possibilities of mechanical access control.

Quality guaranteed

Today, we are proud to say that our locks comply with the highest quality standards. The ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates guarantee our total respect for quality, management processes and the environment.

Made in Spain

mcm is a Spanish firm with long-standing market experience. It is a company true to its origins and social commitments, and so its locks are manufactured at its factory in the town of Vitoria in Álava province, Spain.

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