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Electric strike plates

Automatic opening

Electric strike plates are an automatic door opening device. They can be used for any type of access that needs to be operated remotely. Electric strike plates are connected to the mains, and they work with an 8 or 12 V transformer.
Home entrances, shops, banks, offices... they have endless possibilities for use.

Mechanism options

There are four different options for electric strike plate mechanisms:

  • Standard: The door can only be opened while the electrical impulse lasts.
  • Automatic: The door can be opened after receiving just a brief electrical impulse. The mechanism detects the door alignment with respect to the frame and remains activated until the door is opened.
  • Mechanical unlatching: A release lever prevents the door opener from functioning, allowing free access. This mechanism option is valid for both standard and automatic strike plates.
  • Adjustable: This option allows quick, precise adjustment of the latch by means of screws.

Security and convenience

Electric strike plates guarantee passive security, preventing access from the outside and enabling selective entry, all at the push of a button.

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