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Safe evacuation

In emergency situations, safe, reliable systems are needed to guarantee quick evacuation. mcm panic bars provide suitable escape routes for all kinds of people (e.g. adults, the elderly, children), who can all open the emergency door with a minimum of effort.

Easy to install

mcm thinks the installer´s task should be made easy, and so our panic bars differ from the rest in that they are extremely easy to install. With mcm anti-panic door systems, the tube or bar is the last element to be fitted, greatly simplifying the installation process as it is not a previously-mounted element that gets in the way.

Push bars

As regards their working mechanism, mcm panic bars are of the push bar type. They are robust, reliable horizontal bars, easy to install. Heavy-duty casing, bar fixing safety and smooth rotation for latch withdrawal are other distinguishing characteristics of our product.
As regards locking criteria, mcm supplies rim bars and mortise bars, and as for locking points our bars have either one or two points and are of the side, top or bottom-locking type. In short, a range to cater for all market requirements.


mcm bars are compatible with practically all the accessories and handles on the market, and they can be used with either active or passive doors, whether these are fire doors or made of metal, aluminium or wood.

EC Conformity Mark

Our panic bars are certified according to the UNE-EN 1125:2009 Standard and bear the EC conformity mark, which means they comply with the European Directive stipulating that all products used in security exits must bear this mark.

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